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Investment Expertise and Exploration Know-How In One Place

Founded in 2018, CDN Maverick Capital Corp. is a CSE listed (CSE: CDN) investment and exploration company led by an experienced team of industry leaders with a proven track record of successfully financing and advancing mineral prospects from grassroots stage and to the feasibility stage.

Specializing in mineral exploration and mining, we selectively invest in ESG-compatible companies, management teams, projects and mining jurisdictions that have the potential to become pivotal in the resource-dependent energy transition.

A focused team with common goals in the critical minerals and metals exploration sector, Maverick is working diligently accelerating the global sourcing of critical mineral resources for the more sustainable infrastructure of tomorrow.

Mandates and Value Propositions

Climate-induced structural changes and equitable resource distribution challenges for a growing population worldwide pose unprecedented opportunities for the mining industry.

Hundreds of new mines delivering the metals related to electrification and decarbonization are required to be commissioned to cope with the massive global demand of going green in the coming decades.

The discovery and development of viable mineral deposits to create a pipeline of projects is the key to secure the material for our future generations.

Maverick’s mission is to build a portfolio of quality investments and exploration assets and add lifecycle value through cost-efficient exploration and strategic partnering.

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